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Whatever the nature of your firm’s work, properly designed protection from claims arising from allegations of professional malpractice is critical in today’s increasingly litigious society. Remember that regardless of whether or not it is ultimately determined that you have done anything wrong, you will still be faced with the potentially crippling cost of defending yourself and your firm. Even if your firm is incorporated, you will still very likely find yourself having to mount a personal defense, since the claim will be based upon “your” professional services. As truly “independent” insurance agents and brokers, we work with a broad spectrum of underwriters and insurance carriers, to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives individualized attention, and the carefully crafted coverage necessary to protect your personal & business assets, and your reputation! Why not give us a call at 888.GWI.RISK? One of our Professional Liability Specialists will be happy to discuss the the specifics of your situation with you!

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